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The Embassy in London
Saturday January 13 2001
The Embassy in London

Additional Acts: Mr. Morningstar, Little Hands Of Concrete
Ticket Price: $5 at the door
Set List: Biz / Two Tales / Camouflage / Moot with Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Chlid Of Mine" intro / GreenRoot / Static with The Beastie Boys' "Gratitude" tease / New Funk Tune / Gratefully Nowhere / Kousharee with old-school Zygote "Mourning Dog" tease / Swimming In Chlorine / Weather
Set Length: 1 hour, ten minutes from 11:35 - 12:45
Rough Attendance: 110 - 140
Caught on tape? no dude. Adam Mouyal caught some of the set on video.
Poster: no again (we used blank leftover samurai posters for local promo)
Notes: This gig finished up our brief out-of-town stint and was pretty good but not great. The staff at the Embassy was warm and accommodating and went out of their way to help us out. Openers L.H.o.C. were decent considering that it was their first gig ever, but goth-rockers Mr.Morningstar seemed to chase more people out of the room than they attracted. The sound in the room was okay but some underlying electrical problems were causing occasional feedback and an omnipresent reverb leeched much of the spirit out of the room. The band burst out of the gate with a supercharged rendition of Biz and maintained that energy level for a while, but as songs went by the set gained a dry hurried feel, perhaps due to a night spent in the freezing hovel called the Motel Maple Farms. (See the 01/12/01 review for details.) The pace picked up again near the end of the set, and the band closed the evening with a bang as usual. The highlight of the evening was certainly Amir's brief stint into insanity for the second half of Weather that injected some life into the band and was great fun to watch. Also a treat was the Mourning Dog plug in Kousharee. For the Zygote historians out there, this song was a setlist staple way back in '93 and was partially resurrected (without lyrics) as the bridge of Funny Feeling during the Mike Helman era. Nicely handled vocals by Jer here, especially considering he hasn't sung 'em in six or seven years.

Oh yeah, as midnight hit, so did Ovakim's birthday. Said Jer:

"This song is called GreenRoot, and it's dedicated to Aaron. A GreenRoot is something that will blossom into something beautiful, and that's you, buddy. Happy Birthday."

-sniff- Brings a tear to my eye, and wrung a compassionate "awww" sound from the audience.

Once the set drew to a close, we headed upstairs for a long night of mayhem in our extremely sketchy lodgings. We thought the Motel Maple Farms was bad until we saw this place. Let's just say that years of punk bands have turned the complimentary "3-bedroom suite" into a total crack den. I slept fully-clothed with my jacket for a blanket on a mattress that smelled like ass. The bathroom didn't have hot water, toilet paper, or a working lightbulb. Whee. Still, an awesome night of partying and some fun memories.

Pictures of this show will be up (you guessed it) as soon as I have 'em developed. Check back soon.

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