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Rock Search 2000 at Front 54 in Thorold
Thursday May 18 2000
Rock Search at Front 54 in Thorold

Additional Acts: Puddy, Left Pencey, Easy Pistol, The Hellz Kitchen Show
Ticket Price: free at the door, $5 for underage, $2 to board the Zygote bus from Toronto to Thorold and back
Set List: Biz / Swimming In Chlorine / Two Tales / Meet Moot directly into Static with Metallica's "Master of Puppets" tease / Weather
Set Length: 25 minutes from 11:15 - 11:40
Rough Attendance: 400
Caught on tape? No audio, but TV Niagara captured the whole thing on video and we should have a copy of the tape soon
Poster: None
Notes: This was the great big 97.7 Rock Search 2000 showdown that narrowed the finest independent bands in Ontario down to five finalists to vie for this year's title as reigning champs. Zygote went in strong with huge fan support and gave it a heroic effort, but lack of sound check and the pressure of competition took their toll. When the dust settled, Zygote's less-than-perfect offering earned them a disappointing 3rd place. (Even with the mediocre performance I still think the band should've captured 2nd place, but hey, there's no accounting for taste.) We all take comfort in knowing that if Zygote had played a show that was up to their stellar live standard, they would have walked away with top honours. Every now and again a bad show sneaks through all the practice and preparation, and this time it just happened to be in front of a panel of judges. Bad timing, I guess.

Judging aside, the show wasn't actually as bad as I've made it out to be. The set was brief but powerful, consisting of Zygote's most sizzling fare. The nifty surprise of Meet Moot into Static was met with a roar of approval from the crowded floor, and Zygote's variegated set was a welcome change from the consistent middle-of-the-road radio poprock offered by most of the other bands. (1st-place band Puddy had a great night and showcased creative arrangements and tight musicianship. We tried to drum up some jealous hatred for them after they won, but the fact is that they're a bunch of decent guys who played a great show and deserved to win, damn them.)

All in all, it wasn't a great show and the experience was worsened by the quantification of the evening. The greatest redeeming factor of the night was Zygote's fans, who showed up by bus and car to lend support. By far the most numerous and vocal fans in the joint, they took the place over and you couldn't turn your head without seeing five or six people plastered with Zygote stickers. Very cool indeed.




"what the fuck was up with that?" I think a good 2/3 of the crowd were certain you guys would win. nothing against Puddy, who I think is a good band and should have placed second, but you guys had that place rockin last night. hard to beleive that a BUSH COVER BAND came in second place two years running. apparently talent, originality and crowd response were not factors in the judging. Oh well, you were robbed but I still enjoyed the show and won myself a pair of tickets to see POISON - yippee!! please e-mail me back if you can find a Poison fan, I will sell the tickets for a case of beer. - WOODY

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