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Zygote Into The Fray at The Rivoli
Friday November 18 2000
Zygote: Into The Fray at The Rivoli

Additional Acts: Tallman, Jimmy's Groove
Ticket Price:$8 at the door
Set List:Gratefully Nowhere / Kousharee (with Vanilla Fudge's "Keep Me Hangin' On" tease and quirky solo) / Swimming In Chlorine / Biz / The Flower Song / Moot (with full-band percussion interlude) / Two Tales (with The Beatles' "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" outro) / Camouflage / Nejuan / Single (slide version) / GreenRoot / Static / Weather
Set Length: 1 1/2 hours, from 12:50 - 1:20am
Rough Attendance: 230, a sellout
Caught on tape? Yes indeedy, it's in Josh's library. The entire show + soundcheck was also caught on video by the brilliantly talented videographer Steve Dveris. What a visionary - his skill at framing shots and capturing the essence of a live show is unparalleled, and his equipment is top-notch.
Stage Setup: NEW REVIEW CATEGORY! "Kung-Foolery" Me and Cousin A put together an elegant dojo-style theme to match the samurai poster, with white and red drapery backlit by blacklights framing the stage, chinese paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a starfield of white xmas lights floating above the heads of the band, and tables packed with candles and Dragon's Blood incense flanking the drum kits. Tallman was kind enough to let us use their smoke machine for added atmosphere, and Cousin A's lighting routine was well-choreographed as usual.
Poster: Hoo mama. Zygote's biggest and best, the unprecedented 18x24 full-colour samurai masterpiece. We gave out 50 free copies at the show.
Notes: I will start off my saying that in my humble opinion, this was the best Zygote show of all time. Not that the sound was perfect or that the band played without any mistakes, but that the energy level in the room was so high the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up all night. It was madness in there. First of all, it was packed. PACKED. It took me ten minutes to elbow my way into the heart of the crowd, and I still couldn't get any closer than twenty feet from the stage. The band was at the top of their game performance-wise, giving everything they had and getting it right back from the audience. There was actually crowd-surfing going on later in the set, and to top it all off two dudes jumped on stage and helped Amir and Jer belt out the final chorus to Weather. The band was really alive, I can't get over it. From start to finish, more energy and vigor than I've ever seen. I was floored, and let me tell you I've been to a LOT of Zygote shows.

Opening acts were great tonight. Jimmy's Groove put on a solid set for the early crowd, performing their typically eclectic mix of influences that meshes well with Zygote's sound. Tallman was a lot heavier than I'd expected but they carry their weight well and I was thrilled to finally meet another Toronto band that puts some effort into stage setup. (Sid Six and The Hellz Kitchen Show being the only others we've encountered so far)

Let me run through the high points, although there were really too many for me to list here.
- Gratefully Nowhere. First time Zygote has opened a set with GN, and it's got a lot of potential in the pole position. Gives the band a lot of opportunity to start things on a very energetic note.
- The "Keep Me Hangin' On" tease in Kousharee went over surprisingly well. Although brief, I noticed that most of the crowd was singing along. Very cool, and a nice step into Motown territory.
- The Flower Song. CRAZY. This giant morphing monster of a song has sprouted new sections and segments to the point where anything can happen. This time around Jer adapted the Flower storyline to sort of meet an experience we had at a chinese restaurant in Ithaca. The song raged through several themes, finally dwindled and was ready to end when it was actually rekindled by THE CROWD chanting "Ya Just Can't Fuck With The 'Gote" in rhythm. Up to the challenge, the band exploded back into life and kept the intensity up to finally end it with Amir bellowing the chant at a fever pitch. Great version.
- The percussion interlude in Moot. This time Shlag and Brian's intricate drum piece was added to by Jer on shakers and Amir on a cowbell, providing for whole new layers of rhythm. Very very cool, got my dancin' shoes in working order. (Plus Amir actually fumbled the stick he was using to strike the cowbell and dropped it, meaning that he can never ever make fun of Shlaggy again.)
- The final three songs of the set. GreenRoot, Static and Weather. Quite a trio. Perfect harmonies, changes and punctuation NAILED on every count, Ovakim FREAKING out in his own little guitar world, and more manic insanity from the entire band (specifically Jeremy) and the crowd than I have ever seen at a Zygote show. I've already gone over the "two dudes onstage" bit earlier in the review, but let me tell you I was DELIGHTED to see such hijinks. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN INVITATION FOR ALL YOU MANIACS TO JUMP ONSTAGE AT FUTURE GIGS, SO DON'T GET ANY IDEAS. (During Weather, Shlag knocked a burning candle onto himself while fiddling with his Djembe. Maybe Amir can make fun of him after all.)

Overall, like I said, my favourite Zygote show of all time ever. I'm still smiling. Onward to bigger and better things....


Dear Zygote...
I see that it says you captured this most recent show on video, which was filmed by Steve Dveris. You have said that he did a great job and I must vouch for that... I have been watching the home porno movies he films of his sister for the past 8 years. I am always excited to see his next piece of work. Thanks for keeping him working.
~Mike H.



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