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Position : Percussion
Birthdate : Friday, May 23rd, 1975
Birthsign : Gemini
Joined : June, 1996
Height: 5'11

Gear: 3 LP - Matador Congas (Quinto-high, Conga-mid, Tumba-bass), Djembe (wood shell, natural skin), Toca Timbales, Rack consisting of: 2 wood blocks, 2 cowbells, 1 splash cymbal, 1 tambourine. Bag of Tricks: Qweeka drum, shakers (shekere), bells (gangoke), rattles, whistles, etc....
Miscellanious drums not on stage but found in past and future recordings: Udu Drum (clay, Nigerian descent), Pan-logo (original African version of a conga, wood, used in Flower Song, tablas (Indian), Dumbek (Middle Easter - used in Monkey), Tar (middle eastern frame drum), bongos (LP - wood), I think that's it.

What is your favourite food? Green Vegetable Curry (homemade), Orange Chicken (Peter's Chung King), Steak - bloody, Deep fried squid.

Favourite movie?
1980's: Breakfast Club, Zapped, Crush Groove
1990's: Shawshank Redemption, Scent of A Woman, Braveheart, Buena Vista Social Club
2000's: speak to me in 2010

Favourite book? Power of One by Bryce Courtney, The Alchemist/ The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho, The New World of Philosophy by Abraham Kaplan.

Favourite band? Zygote, Black Crowes (early years), Dave Mathews (excluding last album), Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars.

What are your musical influences? The Great Giovanni Hidalgo, Tito Puente, Samuel Mensah, see favourite bands.

Bad habits? Joining rock bands with severe psychological issues, that take 10 years to get signed.

What is your most attractive feature? Big Hard Djembe Between My Legs.

If you could assemble a band of musical greats from all of history, who would be in it? For better or for worse, I'll just stick with Zygote

Tell me something that people don't know about another member of Zygote: Jeremy: Will lose or misplace one of the following, at least once a day: Keys, Wallet, Sunglases.
Amir: has made Aaron bleed on at least 2-3 occasions that I have seen, and burned his hand with a car lighter.
Brian: Actually committed the most sacreligious act of any drummer by selling his drum kit to go on vacation with the "It hurts, it hurts" girl.
Aaron: Has never allowed a member of Zygote to enter his house after 3(?) years in the band.
Josh: has logged on more video game hours than any other activity he has ever participated in, including sleeping.

What's the strangest dream you've ever had? I smoke too much weed to remember most of my dreams.

Betty, Veronica, or Big Ethel? None of the above, I don't enjoy paper cuts on my dick.

What is the best invention of all time? The Drum, Call Display, George Forman Grill (in that order)

What's your favourite Zygote song, and why? Whatever is newest.

Dream occupation (other than musician): Retired Millionare - or anything that would provide the opportunity to sit on a beach and play drums all day.

What is your musical training/education? Musical Training/Education: Mainly self taught. 2 months at the African Academy of Music and Arts in Kokrobite, Ghana, West Africa. South Indian Drumming - studied Mrdangam with Prof. Trichy Sankaran for one year. Otherwise, random workshops, classes, and of course, Zygote. Actually began drumming at age 12 taking drum kit lessons for one year. Began hand drumming at age 16.

Best concert you've ever seen? Remembering Shakti - outdoors at the Harbourfront Stage, summertime, night, Zakir Hussain on tablas, John McLaughlin (spelling ?) on guitar, a young guy on mandolin, and one other guy on Indian percussion. Why? Because it is so rare to see musicians who have acheived GODLY status on their instruments, and implement that skill with such class and taste.

What other instruments do you play? Take your pick from question #5.

Favourite song by any artist? "Fiebre Cuban" by Francois "Francy" Boland (1968)

When did you realize that music was your passion? Started to show my first signs of musical interest (i.e. wanting to learn an instument) at age 10. Brian and I share the same inspiration of Animal from the Muppet Show.