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Position : Bass, Vocals
Birthdate : Wednesday, April 21st, 1976
Birthsign : Taurus
Joined : 1992
Started Zygote in 1992 with Brian

Height: 6"2'

Warwick Corvette (natural finish)
Fender Percussion (natural finish)
Soon to be the proud owner of an Ampeg SVT Pro4 series with two 4/10 Edear/Ampeg cabs.

What is your favourite food? Chicken in Tai Chin style, hardcore Israeli shawarma, and pastries - croissants, chocolate cake, even flakies and cupcakes…. mmmm, cupcakes.

Favourite movie? The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Ace Ventura 2, and Slightly Used.

Favourite book? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. The Toothpaste Genie by Sandy Frances Duncan still stands strong in the world of literature, but my fave would have to be The Ya-ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells… yeah, fuck you, it was a wicked book, bitch.

Favourite band?
1900 - 1960: Louis Armstrong and Otis Redding.
1960 - 1970: The Beatles.
1970 - 1980: Black Sabbath.
1980 - 1990: Metallica and The Police.
1990 - 2000: Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Blind Melon, and Zygote
2000 - present: 98 degrees and Enriqué Inglashitass

What are your musical influences? Sting, Louis and Otis, Beatles, Sabbath, Metallica, Gowan, Corey Hart, Platinum Blonde, and everything in the '90s section of the previous question.

Bad habits? Masturbating to granny sex on the internet…. I'm not joking, it's a serious problem! No really, um… stubbornness, and I shake often - from all the crack!

What is your most attractive feature? Besides my physical appearance (eyes, lips, shoulders), my sense of humour and my charm.

If you could assemble a band of musical greats from all of history, who would be in it? Sting and Otis on vocals, me on bass, Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar, and Chad Smith on drums. Shlag on percussion because for the life of me I wouldn't know any other percussionists.

Tell me something that people don't know about another member of Zygote: Shlag has very serious road rage. It's a severe problem. Brian has been lying to us since he was 17 about losing his virginity, we all thought it was true up until this year. Fuckin' liar! Jeremy thinks he knows how to skateboard, leading him to ollie straight to the hospital 9 times. (6 minor injuries and 3 serious ones.) Ovakim does not know how to speak English. Also in one year he lost 105 pounds of fat. Josh went to camp up until last year, that's right, a 26-year old counsellor. He stopped after some of the campers started calling him daddy.

What's the strangest dream you've ever had? I've had some weird dreams about my friend's mom, but I'd rather not discuss them with you.

Betty, Veronica, or Big Ethel? All three, the more the merrier. Besides, I have had very few foursomes.

What is the best invention of all time? The electric chair and music.

What's your favourite Zygote song, and why? All of the Zygote songs are my favourite, they all come from my soul.

Dream occupation (other than musician): High-ranking Israeli soldier… but seriously, excluding musician, a songwriter. Does that count?…. ah fuck you, it counts.

What is your musical training/education? I learned how to play by listening to songs I loved and used my ear to play them. I have learned a lot by playing with such great musicians as the boys in the 'Gote. I jammed once with a few of the Gipsy Kings but I didn't really learn much… lack of Spanish.

Favourite Zygote show of all time? I don't know, there's a few. Out of the thousands of gigs I would say: The first gig ever at the Spectrum, Warehouse with Fishbone, Opera House II, Rivoli Two Tales, and headlining the Warehouse even though the sound sucked shit ass.

Best concert you've ever seen? Lollapalooza I & II / Tool at the Warehouse / Roger Waters at Molson Amphitheatre.

What was the first song you learned how to play? Iron Man by Black Sabbath

What other instruments do you play? Anybody in this band who tells you that they can play something other than their instrument is a fucking liar. Brian - drums, Ovakim - guitar, Shlag - percussion, Jer - guitar. Period. I, however, can play the guitar, piano, drums, clarinet, sax, and tuba. I also rock the whistle. Jokes! Truth is that we can play our own instruments really well but we can only fake it on the other instruments.

Favourite song by any artist? That's completely fucking impossible!

When did you realize that music was your passion? With my first breath on this planet.