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The Band

Zygote is the band that never stops growing. Every moment is a new beginning, with the ranks of fans swelling and the band pouring out new and incredible music at an amazing pace. Years of steady climbing through the Toronto scene has found Zygote finally and firmly at the top, at the point where the growth has moved beyond the control of the band itself and now breathes with a life of its own.

The band consistently draws audiences to crowd 1000-person venues, with an ongoing string of blowout concerts at Toronto's Opera House and a headlining gig at the Kool Haus confirming the fact. Recent highlights have seen Zygote supporting acts as diverse as Big Sugar and Choclair, and the band's popularity is beginning to spread as towns radiating outwards from Toronto start to come under Zygote's sphere of influence.

The band's musical style is heavy groove built on a foundation of intelligent rhythm and layered over with formidable vocals. Zygote has no weak spot. Each element of the band is tight, creative, and entertaining. Musicianship is off the scale. Songcraft is absolutely brilliant. The vibe ranges from chilled-out to charged-up, and though the style is yanked from dozens of sonic neighborhoods there is an unmistakable quality seeped into everything that labels it pure Zygote. The greatest strength of Zygote is in the ability of its five members to weave their individual talents seamlessly into song after amazing song. Their recent 8-track release "Zygote 1.5" has sold thousands of copies on the strength of the songs themselves, and the fans are clamouring for more.

2002 sees Zygote continuing their domination of the local scene, increasing their reach as their loyal militia of supporters constantly recruits new members, and diving back into the studio to lay down tape on a selection of their best and newest material. Producer Andy Curran will be on board for these sessions, and with literally too many polished songs to choose from, the band's toughest job will be choosing which tracks make the final cut… more on the evolution of the 'Gote as things unfold!