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Zygote live in concert : Nothing Booked, Wednesday, May 5th, 9999

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Nothing Booked
The End Of The World Show!

Yes folks, nothing's been booked solid yet, but keep your fingers crossed for this mammoth spectacle! Zygote has been working on the seed of the idea for this one for a while, and things are starting to fall into place as the decades tick by! The blast to end all blasts is booked for May 5th, 9999, and will take place (of course) at The Rivoli. (Or a recreation of The Rivoli if the original Rivoli is unavailable.)

How can Zygote be available for a show that's seven thousand years in the future, you ask? Simple! We've sunk a good portion of the band's money into cryogenic research and DNA manipulation that -if it doesn't allow the cast and crew of Zygote to live forever- will at least let us clone all necessary personnel for the big show!

How can I attend this spectacle of all spectacles, you ask? Simple! Simply mail a check or money order for ten million (that's 10,000,000) dollars to:

Zygote Cryogenics and Genetics Division
92 Mullen Drive
Thornhill, Ont, Canada
L4J 2V1

With your generous donation we'll be able to continue our research and fully iron out all the kinks of our life-extension/duplication techniques. Your contribution will also allow us to reserve a special freezing pod for you, which will let you be frozen for a few millenia and be woken up just in time for sound check in 9999! All participants will also receive a humourous complimentary T-shirt commemorating their involvement which reads: "I was cryogenically frozen for thousands of years and all I got was this crappy T-shirt."*

So sign up now! Send us an email or snail mail informing us of your desire to be involved in the program and we'll hold on to a cryo pod just for you! See you at the show! Here's all the detail presented in their usual format:

at The Rivoli (or a reconstruction thereof)
May 5th, 9999
with other acts TBA
Zygote onstage at 9:00 pm, playing a five-hour set consisting of only their #1 tunes
This is a FREE SHOW

That's it for now, hope to see many of you and your descendants at the gig! Peace!

*Actual message on T-shirt may vary slightly. Also we don't guarantee that your money will be spent on cryogenic or genetic research, or on research of any kind for that matter. In fact, the details of this entire arrangement are subject to change without notice to you, the contributor, and all donations are non-refundable. Go Zygote!

9999-05-05 : Nothing Booked