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C Live From Kool Haus
From the show: Live with Big Sugar at Kool Haus
Date: 2001-11-24
Length: 03:46
Comments: A raucous and extra-funky version of C from Kool Haus with good levels (percussion is a bit low for my taste) and nice spontanaiety in plenty of spots. Check some lyrical tweakery from Amir, an awesome wail from Jer near the end, and the classic "two times" extended outro. (Ovakim.... he said "three times". Pay attention, bud.),
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(filename: 112401c.mp3)

Nejuan Live From Kool Haus
From the show: Live with Big Sugar at Kool Haus
Date: 2001-11-24
Length: 05:11
Comments: A very sweet version of Nejuan recorded at Toronto's Kool Haus when Zygote opened for Big Sugar... this one was trapped straight off the board so the guitars are a bit low here and there, but other than that it sounds damn good... Love Ovakim's solo for this song, I far prefer it over Helman's original solo... plus the final buildup is handled very nicely...,
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(filename: Nejuanl.mp3)

Saturn live from Kool Haüs
From the show: Live with Big Sugar at Kool Haüs
Date: 2001-11-24
Length: 04:06
Comments: Another track ripped from our Kool Has show with Big Sugar, a nice rendition of Saturn with notable ragga vox from Amir and some atypical bass noodling during the break normally reserved for Jer's guitar leads....,
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(filename: 112401st.mp3)

Meet Moot II / Moot Live
From the show: Lee's Palace in Toronto
Date: 2001-02-17
Length: 05:54
Comments: This one is a nice crisp and funny version of Moot, plus the revamped percussion/drum interlude qualifies this as Meet Moot II. Give it up for Amir. Awesome tightness by the band overall, check out the sudden stops in the outro and you'll know what I mean. "Safety Comes First".. this is Jer's response to a girl who decided to stagedive as the song came to an end but wasn't caught by anybody.,
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(filename: 170201mm.mp3)

Two Tales Live
From the show: Lee's Place in Toronto
Date: 2001-02-17
Length: 03:19
Comments: A sweet rendition of Two Tales, particularly notable for the enthusiastic crowd participation on the "Oh's" Great vocals, difficult harmonies handled well, and some excellent guitar work.,
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(filename: 1702012t.mp3)